Film Division

LIU Post Winnick Mullarkey Aerial Shot

If you are a location scout looking for the vibrancy of a bustling college campus complemented with the history and style of the Long Island’s famed Gold Coast, then LIU Post should be on your must-call list.

LIU Post offers budget-friendly filming options for TV shows, commercials, movies and national advertising campaigns. Located on 307 magnificent acres in the suburban communities of Brookville and Old Westbury, New York, the campus grounds provide a remarkable amount of visual diversity – modern classrooms, glorious mansions, horse stables, red-brick academic buildings, concert venues, offices, and athletic fields.

The university’s landscapes offer myriad "looks," capable of subbing for other places (i.e, hospital, agent office, parking jams, village hall) or retaining an instantly recognizable identity (i.e. Great Gatsby-era, North Shore of Long Island).

LIU Post is a town onto itself, providing guest film crews with every resource from electricians and public safety to event planners, dining services and public relations specialists.