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Chancellor's Greetings


Commencement Address - May 10, 2013 
LIU Post of Long Island University


Good morning.

When you began college, there had been a financial meltdown and our nation was in a Great Recession.
In your final year of college, we had Sandy, followed by a nor’easter and no electricity for 2 weeks, and you had to struggle to make up those classes. But you persevered and you will receive your diplomas later this morning.

Every ten years the University must go through a re-accreditation.  During the past 3 years, committees composed of Faculty, Staff and Trustees worked together on a self-study, probing for strengths and weaknesses in everything our University does.  I served on three of those committees and I am proud to say that we found out how good LIU really is.

Last Sunday I was in Penn Station and saw the large posters of LIU students and faculty with our motto “Find out how good you really are”.   My heart filled with pride to be affiliated with LIU.

Your diploma tells the world that LIU knows you are good.  Keep up the hard work and continue to find out how good you really are.  We know you can be great!

Congratulations to the Class of 2013