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Edward Boss, Bursar

Office of the LIU Post Bursar

LIU Post
Kumble Hall
720 Northern Blvd., Brookville, NY 11548

Phone: 516-299-2323
Fax: 516-299-2721

Office Hours (Fall - Spring Semesters)

Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Office of the Bursar Staff


Edward Boss

Ed manages the daily operation and functions of the LIU Post Bursar’s Office. He oversees the collection of payments and the application of Financial Aid for LIU Post, LIU Brentwood, LIU Hudson and LIU Riverhead. Ed works with the management team to develop payment options, policies and procedures to improve the collection of outstanding balances in addition to developing strategies for the collection of prior and bad-debt collectibles.


Kathy Mallon
Senior Associate Bursar

Responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of billing, cashiering and special program configuration for LIU Post and the Regional Campuses, Kathy also handles all of the scheduling for the Bursar’s Office including vacation time, lunch hours, workshop attendance and the like.


Lucy Ruffini
Associate Bursar

Lucy works directly with the bursar account representatives and the clerical staff to assure timely collection of account open balances. With assistance from the bursar, she distributes and validates balance reports to the account representatives and follows up with them on collections. She also serves as the account representative for graduate students and special program billings.


Sandra Neggie
Associate Bursar

Sandra works directly with the account representatives and clerical staff to ensure that policies and procedures established are being followed during the collection of balances. In addition, she works directly with the bursar in reviewing which procedures may be changed or created to assist in the collection of open balances. She assists in designing new collection practices for the Office to increase collections. She also serves as the account representative for graduate students as well as the mail merge coordinator.


All of the supervisory staff is available at any time to assist the account reps and clerical staff in handling problem accounts, explaining policy and assisting students that need help at a higher level. They also are available to assist the provost and other Campus offices and directors with accounts that may need special attention or with assistance that falls outside of the regular Bursar guidelines.

Bursar Account Representatives

Bursar account representatives work directly with students and their families to design payment plans and deferral contracts, in addition to tracking financial assistance and ensuring the timely collection of balances due. They recommend different payment options to students and their families and follow through on all account information with students. They inform students of issues and problems that arise and keep them informed of their balance. In addition, they work with prior balance and bad-debt collections using a communication and action plan developed by the Bursar Office management team.

Ryan Bisnauth

Christine Channer

Robert Shaw

Clerical Staff

The clerical staff provides general support to the Bursar Office staff including file upkeep and review. They assist in reviewing payment plans and deferral contracts, they provide phone and window support for the account representatives and they support the senior staff.

Additionally, the clerical staff works the front windows at the Bursar’s Office- collecting payments, writing PPL and Deferral contracts, posting miscellaneous department receipts, dealing with payroll distribution, referring students to Financial Aid or other offices they may need to visit, and also referring them to the Bursar account representatives. Clerical employees also do the initial review for refunding, posting of all mail and inter-office (suitcase) mail and all monies from the Continuing Education office, as well as the review and processing of Continuing Education student refunds.

Helen Markoutsakis
Senior Clerical

Abir Khoury

Rosanne Reddy

Debra Roselle