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Twin Club for Students Forms at LIU Post


Rita Langdon,Associate Provost for Communications, Public Relations & Marketing
Long Island University, LIU Post

LIU Post Twin ClubWhen it comes to student clubs and organizations, the latest thing on the campus of LIU Post is TWIce as Nice.

Conceived and organized by LIU Post students -- and twins -- Bria-Leta and Tia-Mona Greene, the organization is up and running and is working on a program of events and activities that they hope will be fun and meaningful not just to twinned siblings, but to the entire campus community.

According to founder Bria-Leta Greene, TWIce as Nice is not exclusive to only twins. "Everyone is welcome," said Bria-Leta this week. "It's a group to join with to just have fun and meet new people. But it is particularly meaningful to the twins because it gives them the opportunity to be around others just like them where they can be comfortable and have fun."

TWIce as Nice was conceived by Bria-Leta and her sister last semester and meets every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Hillwood Commons Cinema on campus.

The group's Eboard consists of eight people, led by Bria-Leta and her twin sister Tia-Mona, co-presidents. Natasha Dunbar and Ivanna Fortunado (neither of whom are twins) are co vice-presidents.

The idea for the club came to the Greene sisters after noticing there were a lot of twins on campus. Thirteen sets of twins, that is.  "In all there are about 20 students who have a twin who doesn't attend LIU Post," notes Bria-Leta. "There's a set of triplets, and one student at Post is a quintuplet but her siblings do not go here. Most of the campus thought my sister and I were the only twins and we knew that wasn't true so we made the club to show them."

Though the group is less than a month old, TWIce as Nice is already hard at work planning events, programs and fundraising activities. Among their ideas: speed dating, siblings day, male 'auction,' and the Snow Ball, which the group will be hosting with a number of other clubs and organizations on campus.

The group's first program will be a Twin Q&A on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 7 p.m. in the fishbowl in Hillwood Commons. "Everyone's welcome to come and ask us any question they can think of because everyone ask twins questions all the time," says Bria. "So this is giving them the opportunity to go crazy with it and ask on."

Posted 10/01/2012

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