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Summer Learning Institute

Welcome to the LIU Brooklyn Summer Learning Institute!

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Who should enroll? 

If you placed into English 13/13X or English 14/14X and/or DSM 01 or DSM 09, SLI is for you. 

Why enroll?

In SLI, you will learn basic skills that you’ll need to succeed in your first year of college, you’ll meet new friends and faculty, and you’ll have the chance to improve your placement scores. 

Are you interested in Pharmacy?  A health profession such as Nursing or Physical or Occupational Therapy?  Another pre-professional major?  These programs have strict scheduling guidelines, and if you’re planning on entering one of them, SLI can help you get on track and stay there.

What does it cost?

Nothing!   SLI is free to all incoming LIU students.

How do I enroll?

Your LIU Promise coach can register you when you come for Registration Day.  You can also call 718-488-1040 to register. 


English Math
Session 1:  July 8-July 24
Classes meet T,W,TH, 9-12
Session 1:  July 8-July 24
Classes meet T,W,TH, 9-12
Session 2:  July 29-August 14
Classes meet T, W, TH, 9-12
Session 2:  July 29-August 14 
Classes meet T,W,TH, 9-12
Session 3:  Blended
Meetings July 15, 23, and 31, 10-11:30 a.m.
Session 3:  July 29-August 14 
Classes meet T,W,TH, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Session 4:  Blended 
Meetings July 15, 23, and 31, 7-8:30 p.m.

English Summer Institute

English Summer Institute will introduce you to—or give you a chance to review—reading and writing skills that you will need to succeed not only in your English courses but also in classes across the disciplines.   
In this course you will begin to:

  • develop good study habits and time management skills;
  • become familiar with technologies that are used in most courses;
  • develop strategies for reading and annotating texts both on paper and electronically;
  • develop strategies for reading texts that include quantitative information and for reading charts and graphs;
  • become familiar with basic rhetorical concepts of audience and purpose;
  • learn the basics of the writing process:  invention, drafting, revision, editing;
  • learn the basics of quotation/paraphrase/summary and citation;
  •  learn about resources guides for grammar and documentation;
  • review basic academic writing skills.

When you register for the course, you’ll get access to your LIU Blackboard account—and get a head start on learning the technology you’ll be using in most of your courses. 

Need extra help?  There will be tutors in class every day, and you can visit the LIU Writing Center or Academic Reinforcement Center for extra assistance.

Stuck on an assignment late at night? NetTutor (which you’ll be able to access for free through your class Blackboard site) is always open!  Trained tutors, provided with copies of your course syllabus, assignments, and readings, can help you with any part of the composing process, from coming up with ideas to editing your work. 

Math Summer Institute

Using ALEKS (a web-based instruction system that adapts to individual skill levels) and working with trained Academic Reinforcement Center staff, you will cover such topics as fractions, proportions, algebraic expressions, graphs of linear equations, statistics, geometry, exponents, and polynomials—all with the goal of preparing you to succeed in your first year math and science classes. 

In addition, you will learn how to use Blackboard and learn about important campus resources before your begin the fall.

Need extra help?  The Academic Reinforcement Center (ARC) and LIU Math Center are there for you—both this summer and throughout your college career.

Need help after hours?  Check out NetTutor (available through your Blackbaord site).  LIU’s subscription to this online tutoring service lets you get help with math questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  What’s more, the tutors will have access to you course syllabi and assignments so they can provide course-specific advice.

Want more?  Check out the online video tutorials at Kahn Academy

And don’t forget to have some fun!  These TED talks offer some great—and enjoyable—perspectives on math.   Check out Mathemagic with Arthur Benjamin.

Have more questions?

Contact your LIU Promise Coach or Melissa Antinori, SLI Director, at or 718-780-4322.