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Orientation Seminar I: The University ~ Discovery & Change

LIU Brooklyn Student Development and RetentionOrientation Seminar 1 is designed to provide students with the foundation necessary for academic persistence.  In 50 minute class sessions meeting bi-weekly, students engage in interactive workshops that help them develop the academic, professional and life skills that will enable them to achieve success in their first year at Long Island University.

The purpose of the OS1 is to ensure that all new students receive a common foundation for achieving academic, personal, and professional success. Following are brief descriptions of these units.

  • Academic Skills: Regardless of past academic achievement, all students can benefit from refining the wide range of study skills needed to succeed in their classes.  The workshops in this unit aim to teach students new strategies that will enable them to succeed in each of their disciplines.  Workshop topics include study skills, note-taking, writing, reading comprehension, critical thinking, creative thinking, academic integrity/ plagiarism and library research.
  • Life Skills: Often, students who have the greatest academic and professional successes are those who have mastered the basic life skills addressed in this unit.  These workshops are designed to help students identify and articulate their strengths, interests and goals.   Also included are workshops that explore strategies to help students balance their academic, professional and personal lives.  Time management, self-assessment, LIU major exploration, career research and financial aid/money management are often included in this unit.
  • The LIU Community: OS 1 instructors help students develop relationships with the LIU community, including administrators, faculty, the student body, and the surrounding Brooklyn community.  These workshops also aim to build communication skills, increase awareness of campus activities, and prepare students to pursue future leadership opportunities.