All resident students will receive a copy of 'The Resident Student Conduct Code and Campus Regulations' upon checking into the Residence Hall. It is the responsibility of each resident to know and adhere to all Residence Hall policies. These policies exist to protect the individual rights of all resident students and to insure a Residence Hall environment that is conducive to study and rest. Violations of policies will result in disciplinary action ranging from reprimands or fines, to the loss of Hall privileges or expulsion from the Residence Hall.

The Residence Life and Housing Office functions in collaboration with other University offices to facilitate residential students successful adjustment to and subsequent transition through their college experience. The overall concern of the Residence Life staff is the welfare of the residents: each member of our community is important. It is expected that each resident will show respect and consideration and be sensitive to the needs of other community members at all times.

The University recognizes all New York City, State and Federal laws with the expectation that students adhere to them. Specifically, the University puts students on notice, that campus property offer no haven from applicable laws regarding personal behavior, and students are liable for any violations of City, State and Federal laws.

Visitation Policy

The purpose of the guest policy is to encourage residents to host guests in a responsible manner. This is a privilege that will be monitored by the Residence Hall Staff and can be taken away if the appropriate procedures are not followed. The rights and property of other residents including roommates and suitemates must be protected from unwanted intrusions and potential vandalism. All daytime guests must be signed out of the building by designated times (see Conduct Code). Residents are allowed to host guests overnight with the consent of their roommate(s). Only one guest per person is allowed one night out of the week and one guest per person is allowed for the weekend, which commences on Friday. Guest passes must be completed the night before, and as previously noted, roommates must give consent by signing the guest pass application.

For insurance purposes, individuals under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Residence Hall. Also parents can be signed in as day guests only. Parents are not allowed to stay overnight in the Residence Hall.

Residents will not be allowed guests before and during the first week of classes and during the final two weeks of the semester.

Appliances/Cooking in Rooms

The University offers students the option of cooking in certain designated apartments. Cooking in standard rooms and suites is prohibited.


All animals and pets are prohibited in the Residence Hall. The only exception to this policy is fish (20-gallon tank maximum).