April Glassey

What LIU Promise Means to Me

The LIU Promise provides students with the support they need to succeed. My favorite part of the program is seeing students develop from the time they start here as new freshman into capable professionals by the time they graduate.

Goals Big and Small

Success can be defined by the achievement of the goals that you set for yourself. The goals can be big, like graduating college, or small, like joining a club to get more involved on campus.

A Proud Coach

It’s always rewarding to see students achieve something they did not think was possible. Having a student-athlete come running in excited because they finally rose above a 3.0 GPA was a great moment. It’s also nice to see the student-athletes give back to the community. I’m always proud of how involved they are.

Favorite Food

Anything covered in hot sauce!


James Clarke

Why LIU Promise?

The decision to attend college is one of the most important, potentially life-transforming decisions a person can make. The LIU Promise means engaging with a student holistically, recognizing that the university experience at its best concerns growth in all areas of a student’s life—intellectually, socially, and professionally. The LIU Promise, with its array of resources, facilitates really getting to know a student and assisting them on all those levels.

The Ingredients of Success

Success is helping students to achieve self-awareness about their goals, a realistic sense of the steps needed to achieve their goals, and a knowledge of all the resources available on campus to assist them. Success is increasing a student’s capacity for problem-solving and independent decision-making with regard to their academic and career goals.

A Rewarding Experience

Every year at graduation, I see students whom I know have struggled more than most to get to that moment in their lives. I know how hard they have worked, what personal and academic obstacles they have surmounted, and the many junctures from semester to semester where things could have gone awry if not for someone's personal attention to an issue (a caring teacher, a patient financial aid adviser, a concerned dean, etc.). Their stories are particular and individual. Knowing I have been a part of their lives at LIU and made some difference in helping them graduate is extremely moving and rewarding.

The Importance of Self-Assessment

I find that students, especially in the first two years of college, often need to practice self-assessment. It is helpful to do this with a more experienced person who can ask guiding questions and suggest possible solutions. How are your classes going? What steps have you taken to address that problem? The fit between a student’s aspirations, the current level of their academic skills, the pace at which they hope to achieve their goals, and their chosen major can sometimes be a mismatch. It is important for a student to discuss his or her academic progress in detail and to identify what barriers are preventing them from doing well in his or her studies. Sometimes these barriers are not strictly academic but relate to poor time management, financial or personal difficulty, or unrealistic expectations. Self-assessment can help the student to make the right choices to correct missteps.


Justine Butler

What LIU Promise Means to Me

The LIU Promise means that I have the opportunity to cultivate meaningful, long-lasting relationships with students. Serving as a Success Coach through graduation really allows me to get to know them, inside and outside of their academic lives.

Building a Relationship

The relationship between a Success Coach and a student is one that is based on commitment, trust, openness, and shared experiences. It’s important to see students outside of an advising session so we see them in class, at workshops, during athletics, and at career fairs and student life events. They know we see them as more than a number.

A Proud Coach

One of my proudest moments was assisting two students in receiving an emergency hardship grant. I helped them complete the application and served as a reference. Now they are able to register for the next semester and continue their studies at LIU Brooklyn.

Last Book Read

Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto by Abraham Cahan.