LIU Brooklyn John Agnelli

John F. Agnelli, III , Dean of Students, Student Affairs 
Office: LIU Brooklyn, Metcalfe Bldg., Rm. M 411
Tel: 718-780-6545
Fax: 718-488-1421

Office: LIU Brooklyn, Metcalfe Bldg., Rm. M 311 
Tel: 718-488-1216
Fax: 718-780-4182

Student Activities Responsibilities:

  • Provides overall leadership, supervision, assessment and advice of Student Activities and of Student Activities personnel.
  • Allocation and management of the Student Activities Funds and Student Activities Grants.
  • Overseeing all social and leadership development activities of students.

Father Charles P. Kenney, CAMPUS MINISTRY
Office: LIU Brooklyn, Metcalfe Bldg., Rm. S 302 
Tel: 718-488-3359
Fax: 718-246-6309


  • Leader of Prayer Graduation Ceremonies, athletic events, memorial services, Sunday and daily masses, as well as Holyday Prayer Services. Welcoming other leaders of prayer during campus for specific religious events and prayer services.
  • Pastoral Presence for campus-wide students, and staff.
  • Serving as an educational Resource by answering inquiries related to religion, church teaching, morals, theology, and the bible as well as more secular areas such as Orientation Seminar and philosophy.
  • Faculty Advisor primarily to the Newman Club and supporting student clubs and organizations such as: Coptic Orthodox Christian Club, Christian Fellowship Club, Honor's Program, Residence Life, Women's Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and Softball Teams as well as the Men's Baseball Team.
  • Assisting the University by sitting on committees such as “Who's Who”, NCAA Student Athlete Board, and the George Sideris Fund.

Residence Life & Housing Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the overall administration of two residential areas of housing serving a cohort of 770 students.
  • Coordinate housing assignments and meal plan charges for all residents.
  • Coordinate counseling, discipline protocols, workshops and family day events for the residential community.

Office: LIU Brooklyn, Metcalfe Bldg., Rm. M 311 
Tel: 718-488-1389
Fax: 718-780-4182

International Students Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and update student information in Student Exchange Visitor Information System.
  • Advise and assist international students on non academic issues.
  • Keep the Brooklyn campus in compliance with the rules and regulations as per INS requirements.  Particularly when it comes to the issuance of student visas, working permits, reduce course workload and leave of absence.

Seymour Pardo, Director, PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES 

Office: LIU Brooklyn, Pharmacy Bldg., Rm. RL36 
Tel: 718-488-1265
Fax: 718-488-1689

Psychological Services Responsibilities:

  • Ensure high quality of psychological services delivery to LIU student clients by the doctoral student trainees through direct supervision and through directing and coordinating faculty supervision, recruiting, overseeing and coordinating adjunct supervisors, and conducting intake conferences with PhD student staff and supervisors.
  • Set all administrative policies and oversee publicity and outreach activities, proper maintenance of client files, maintenance of data to be used for descriptive and research purposes, and continued liaison between the Center and the psychology department, the University administration, and other faculty and staff.
  • Ensure professional development of the Center doctoral student staff members through an initial intensive orientation of 16 hours over three days, regular staff meetings throughout the year, and informal consultations with all the staff, also help all of the trainees to deal with crisis situations at the Center, including, but not limited to, suicide assessment.


VR Small, Director, Student Support Services (UHMS)

Office: 175 Willoughby Street, LIU Brooklyn 
Tel: 718-246-6450
Fax: 718-246-6465

University Health & Medical Responsibilities:

  • Provide an environment where patients can obtain information and receive excellent care through our doctors.
  • To educate and meet the university needs as well as the student needs through health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable NYS public health immunization regulations.
  • Promote and support the overall wellness of the campus community through research, education direct care.


Office: LIU Brooklyn, Metcalfe Bldg., Rm. M 411 
Tel: 718-834-6734 Ext. 1190
Fax: 718-488-1421

External programming Responsibilities:

  • To enroll and maintain 150 after school students and to oversee their progress during the school year and summer months.
  • To ensure that all of the rules and regulations set forth by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services are upheld as stated in the program SACC license.
  • To ensure the safety of all the children enrolled as set forth by NYC Division of Youth and Community Development.


Office: LIU Brooklyn, Metcalfe Bldg., 4th floor 
Tel: 718-780-4012
Fax: 718-246-6309

External programming Responsibilities:

  • Increasing student's motivation and their ability to complete secondary education and seek entry into post-secondary education, meaningful employment.
  • Assisting 125 urban students with academic skills Improvement such as: tutoring, computer literacy and PSAT/SAT preparatory courses and workshops, cultural development, group counseling and by offering college tours and selection assistance.