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Entrance Interview – Borrowers Rights and Responsibilities

I understand that my Federal Perkins Loan is a loan and that it must be repaid and I fully accept that responsibility.

I understand that my Federal Perkins Loan is for my educational expenses.

I understand repayment will begin if I am not registered at least half-time after a 9-month grace period.

I will inform my school if my address, phone number, or name changes; if I leave school, transfer, or drop below half-time status; or if I change my graduation date.

I am not in default on any other Federal Perkins or any loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program or Federal Direct Student Loan Program nor do I owe any repayments on prior Federal Student Aid.

I understand that a loan that is one day past due is considered a defaulted loan.

I understand that all disbursements are reported to National Credit Bureaus.

I understand that there are various cancellation provisions if I am employed in certain professions.

I acknowledge that I have been fully informed of my rights and responsibilities under the Federal Perkins Loan Program during my entrance interview.


I Accept / I Reject