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Full-Time Students in the Pharm.D. Program

Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal Financial Aid Programs

Federal regulations require students to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward the completion of a degree or certificate program in order to receive Title IV financial aid, which includes the Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Work Study, Federal Perkins Loan and the Federal Direct Loan Programs. Satisfactory academic progress is measured qualitatively and quantitatively by two components: a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) and the amount of credits they have earned relative to their year in school and enrollment status.

Satisfactory academic progress is measured annually, at the end of the Spring semester, after all grades have been submitted. Students failing to meet the criteria stated below are eligible to appeal this decision if extenuating circumstances played a factor in their academic performance. Examples of such circumstances could include an illness, accident, separation or divorce, or the death of a relative. An appeal must be made in writing to the University and include an explanation of the circumstance(s) that may have adversely affected the student’s ability to meet the academic requirements, and the plan or changes that have occurred which will allow them to make SAP in the future. All appeals must be accompanied by supporting documentation, such as a letter from a doctor or attorney. If an appeal is granted, the student will either be placed on probationary status for one semester during which the student must meet SAP guidelines, or must successfully adhere to an individualized academic plan that was developed for them by their academic advisor as part of their appeal. Failure to meet these criteria will result in loss of eligibility for Title IV funds.

Students wishing to receive Title IV financial aid for Summer semesters may have these awards evaluated and offered prior to a determination of SAP. All students receiving summer aid will have their SAP evaluated after all spring grades have been submitted. Students not making progress will have their summer aid cancelled, and the student will be liable for all tuition and fee charges incurred unless an appeal is filed and granted as outlined above. The criterion below outlines the progress that is required for a full time undergraduate student to be considered in good standing:

SAP Completion Requirements SAP GPA Requirements
Number of Credits Attempted Number of Credits Earned Total Credits Earned Cumulative GPA Required
0-29 50% 0-29 1.8
30-208 67% 30-59 1.9
209 and above 80% 60-138 2.0
139 and above 2.33

• Progress standards for part-time students are prorated based upon the criteria above.
• Qualifying transfer credits are counted as both attempted and earned credits but have no effect on the GPA.
• Grades of W (Withdrawal), UW (Unofficial Withdrawal), ABS (Absent), INC (Incomplete), and IF (Incomplete Fail) are counted as credits attempted but not completed, and do not affect the GPA.
• Repeated classes will count only once towards credits completed. A student may receive aid for a repeated class that has been successfully completed once.
• Students may not receive Federal aid for classwork that exceeds 150% of their degree requirements.
• Any departmental requirements that exceed these standards must be adhered to for the purposes of evaluating SAP.