Urban Farm and Ecology

July 21 - 25Apply Now
Ecology at LIU BrooklynLove the excitement of the big city and the world of agriculture? Then LIU’s Summer Honors Institute in urban ecology and sustainable food systems is right for you. This free, one-week educational workshop will take you around New York City to give you a firsthand look at sustainable food production in major metropolitan areas. You’ll also conduct computer lab work where you will analyze and interpret ecological data, research insect ecology and conservation biology, and discuss case studies. Along the way, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for biodiversity and learn how real-world ecologists carry out experiments in urban sustainability.
In addition, you’ll gain experiential learning opportunities as you:

  • Broaden your understanding of human ecology and sustainability/environmental stewardship
  • Embark on field trips to urban farms and learn how they contribute to urban sustainability
  • Learn about ecological pest management, genetically modified foods, ecotoxicology, and organic food systems
  • Understand how ecological research impacts individuals, communities, and local landscapes
  • Develop taxonomic and microscope skills by studying specimens you collect in the field