Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that are most commonly asked by new students and their families, as they prepare for Orientation. If you have further questions, please free to contact the Office of Campus Life at (718) 488-1042 or e-mail

What is the purpose of New Student Orientation?

Orientation is designed to introduce new students and their families to LIU Brooklyn and to the services that we offer.  You will learn about the campus and the varied departments, organizations and cultures that makes us live up to our motto: Urbi et Orbi,: The City, They World.  At Orientation we review our policies and procedures, community standards and expectations, residence life and commuter student services, health and counseling services, financial aid procedures, personal safety, intramural and athletic programs, student organizations and student activities. Additionally you will get to meet several students who may be your classmates, and several Campus Life Leaders who are eagerly awaiting your arrival.  They are set to be your person for the first year, and beyond.  

What will I do at New Student Orientation?

  • Meet Campus Life Leaders
  • Meet Key Administrators
  • Begin to get to know your new classmates
  • Discover more about the Campus departments and services available during the academic year
  • Discover the diversity on our Campus
  • Meet the Student Government and other Student Organization Leaders & Learn How to become involved on campus
  • Learn about expectations of you as a LIU Brooklyn student
  • Explore many opportunities available to you
  • Experience a sample of how we use the City as our Campus

What should I bring if I am attending the Orientation Program?

  • If you have not yet handed in your immunization documentation, bring the documents that you need. Contact your health care provider for a listing of your immunization records.
  • An open mind

What is Parent and Family Orientation?

Parent and Family Orientation is a time for parents and families to learn more about LIU Brooklyn, and to better understand the experiences that their LIU Scholar will encounter.  It is not mandatory for family members to attend, however, it is recommended. Students will be participating in the New Student Orientation session simultaneously with Parent & Family Orientation. All meals for the day will be provided.

What if I am a family member who needs to stay overnight?

If you are checking your scholar into the Residence Hall on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 and wish to stay overnight you will be responsible for making reservations at an off-campus accommodation.  For a list of local hotels please contact the Orientation Office at (718) 488-1042.

How do I RSVP for Orientation?

Reserve your place for Orientation by clicking on the following link:

What is the cost for Orientation?

The Orientation Fee is included in a student’s Tuition & Fees and is applied regardless if student attends the Orientation Program. However, a student will not need to bring any money with them to Orientation – all costs are covered by the fees.  

What time does Orientation start and where should I report to?

Orientation starts at 8:00a.m. and you can report to the courtyard for check-in.

If you have questions please email the Office of Campus Life at You may also call the office at (718) 488-1042.