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For Undergraduate Students (Freshmen and Transfer)

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Your Enrollment Checklist: “To Do’s”

Use the following checklist to complete your enrollment process. Though you may have already completed some of these tasks, it’s a good idea to be aware of the steps that are required for you to successfully prepare and enroll as a new student and to be eligible to receive an iPad2. Completing many of these steps will help you to meet the criteria for receiving your iPad2.

  • Submit your tuition deposit and “Intent to Enroll” form to secure your place in the incoming class.
  • If you plan on living on campus, submit your housing form and housing deposit (Fall Priority Deadline: 6/1/11; Spring Priority Deadline: 1/5/12). The priority deadlines are suggested deadline dates. Students interested in Campus housing are encouraged to submit their housing form and housing deposit as early as possible prior to the suggested date to secure campus housing.
  • File FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Visit and follow the step-by-step instructions. Long Island University’s Federal School Code is: 002751. If you have already completed and submitted your FAFSA to the Brooklyn Campus, please be sure to take care of your other financial aid-related business before classes begin.
  • Students should receive notification about placement from the Office of Student Development and Retention. If you are required to take an English and/or mathematics placement exam contact the Testing Center for available test dates; students are NOT required to make an appointment; students may bring a calculator for the mathematics placement. More information about the placement examination can be found at
  • Sign up for your New Student Orientation Session. Out-of-state, transfer and International students note that special orientation session options are available to you! Go to to find out more about Orientation dates and the Orientation program.
  • Submit all final, official academic transcripts and AP/CLEP/IB/CollegeNow records. Freshmen may opt to submit the high school waiver form allowing the Office of Admissions to request your final high school transcript from your high school. In order for you to begin classes, you must provide the Office of Admissions with all final, official academic records.
  • Attend New Student Orientation and Register for Classes. All new students (freshmen and transfer) are required to attend an Orientation. Be sure to mark your calendar with the date you have selected and signed up to attend.
  • Sign into your My LIU Account. My LIU is your student portal to several enrollment service offices. Sign in to your account to check your bill, review your course registration and receive notifications about happenings around campus. If you need assistance signing into your account, contact the Center for Student Information at 718-488-3313.
  • Review your Bill. Once registered for classes you will be able to take a look at your bill through the My LIU portal. It will provide you with up-to-date information about your account, such as a balance owed to the University and financial assistance that will be applied to help pay your costs.
  • Confirm your Financial Aid Package. Before you are able to establish a financial plan, be sure that you have taken the necessary steps to secure all financial aid you are eligible to receive. If you have followed the necessary financial aid application steps and have responded to requests from the Office of Integrated Student Financial Services, you can be sure that you will have a financial aid package that is designed to help you through your Brooklyn Campus education.
  • Create a Financial Plan. Financial aid will cover a portion of your tuition, fees and (if applicable) housing costs. It is a good idea to talk with your family about other ways to finance your education. Contact the Office of Integrated Student Financial Services to discuss a reasonable payment plan that will help you to manage your financial balance. (Residential Students: Financial clearance must be obtained by 8/5/11 for the Fall and by 1/2/12 for the Spring to confirm housing assignments.)
  • Pay your bill or set up your payment plan account.
  • Submit all required health and immunization forms to University Health and Medical Services. (Fall deadline: 8/20/11; Spring deadline: 1/6/12). To obtain a copy of the forms required visit Forms and Document. Completed forms can be sent to University Health and Medical Services, 175 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201.
  • Contact your roommate and review “Inventory of Prohibited Housing Items”. Once you receive your housing assignment, you are encouraged to communicate with your roommate(s). Get to know them before arriving on campus; compare notes about who is bringing what to college. In addition to talking with your roommates, be sure you check the inventory list of prohibited items so that you don’t bring any “illegal” items on Move-In Day.
  • Move-In Day for Residential Students is an exciting day for you! Welcome to the Campus and get settled into the residence hall.
  • Attend Convocation. Convocation is the official academic opening ceremony for the incoming class at the Brooklyn Campus. All students are invited to attend! We will see you there to welcome you to the start of your college career.
  • Get your school ID card. The ID card office hours are M-F 9am to 5pm with special extended hours at the start of the semester. Students must have registered for courses, and obtained financial clearance, in order to receive their Brooklyn Campus ID.

You’re ready to attend classes!

Please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at or call us at 718-488-1011. You may visit our office to speak with admissions counselors as well. View our office hours here.