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M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies

Physician Assistant with PatientThe 86-credit M.S. in Physician Assistant is an intense, 28-month professional program that prepares health practitioners to work in a wide variety of clinical settings. Physician assistants take medical histories and perform physical examinations, select and interpret diagnostic tests and manage the health problems of patients under the supervision of a physician.

The Division of Physician Assistant Studies supports the University’s mission by educating men and women of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in the art and science of medicine so that they may become highly competent and compassionate physician assistants.The program will advance medical knowledge and contribute to the PA profession through research and other scholarly endeavors.

LIU Brooklyn's Physician Assistant program was the first such program to be approved by the New York State Education Department. The program is a member of the Physician Assistant Education Association.

During the didactic year, medical courses are augmented with weekly clinical experiences. During the clinical year, students are assigned to clinical rotations for fifteen months on a full-time basis, returning to the program once every five weeks.
After meeting all Campus and degree requirements, the Master of Science degree is conferred upon the candidate. This enables the candidate to register as a physician assistant and to sit for the National Certifying Examination administered by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA).

The highest ethical and professional standards are expected to be upheld throughout the physician assistant course of study. The program is challenging and requires dedication, a high ethical standard, and professionalism in addition to intelligence, skill and medical knowledge.