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I-START Program

ISTART logoThe I-START-LIU program, the first urban teacher residency in New York, is a collaboration among Internationals Network for Public Schools, Long Island University, the NYC Teaching Fellows and the Department of Education's Empowerment Schools. The I-START program is designed to provide pre- and post-program placement, induction and support activities to prepare highly qualified teachers of English Language Learners (ELL) through a cohesive program that meets New York State Learning Standards for English as a Second Language and integrates empirically-based practice and scientifically valid research. Rather than considering research-based knowledge and practitioner knowledge as separate domains, this urban teacher residency model requires a unified, project-based approach to both areas. Coursework builds on and extends the highly successful project-based model utilized in the Internationals High Schools and embeds this model in a theoretical framework.

Began in 2008, the program combines university coursework with a residency at one of the Internationals High Schools. In the first year, residents work alongside an experienced mentor teacher at an International high school. The university courses serve as the context in which residents have opportunities to reflect on the work of the schools in view of theory, practice and research. During the second year of the program, residents are teachers of record either at an International or other public school serving high populations of ELLs, while continuing their coursework and mentorship.

I-START’s two overarching program goals are to:

  1. Develop highly qualified and competent ESL teachers equipped to improve student academic achievement.
  2. Create a New York City Department of Education sponsored program that partners Internationals Network, high needs Empowerment schools with large populations of English language learner students and Long Island University.

The leveraging of expertise developed and implemented through I-START extends the successful education model used in the International High Schools and the LIU TESOL teaching preparation program positively impacting the quality of new teachers who are able to expertly address the needs of NYC English Language Learners.

For information contact:
Dr. Klaudia M. Rivera
Professor of Education
LIU/I-START Program Director
TESOL Program Faculty Coordinator