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Course of Study

Pre-Professional Courses (6 credits)

Teaching and Learning 201 Teaching: Imagine the Possibilities 3 credits
Teaching and Learning 301 Observing and Describing Children 3 credits

Children, Language and Society Block (10 credits)

Teaching and Learning 350 The Developing Child 4 credits
Teaching and Learning 351 Language and Literacy I 3 credits
Teaching and Learning 352 Sociology and Education 3 credits

Teaching and Learning Physical Education Block (6 credits)

Teaching and Learning 471 Teaching Physical Education, Pre-K to 6 3 credits
Teaching and Learning 476 Teaching Physical Education, 7-12 3 credits

The Practice of Teaching Block (8 Credits)

Teaching and Learning 490 Student Teaching in Physical Education 6 credits
Teaching and Learning 491 Student Teaching Seminar in Physical Education 2 credits

Required Courses in Physical Education : 34 credits

Physical Education 17 Teaching Movement and Dance for Children 1 credit
Physical Education 23 Individual and Team Sports I 3 credits
Physical Education 24  Individual and Team Sports II  3 credits 
Physical Education 21  Sport, Functional Training & Performance I   2 credits 
Physical Education 98   Teaching Strength Training and Aerobic Exercise   1 credit
Physical Education 116   Teaching Beginning Karate   1 credit
Physical Education 140.1  CPR/ First Aid  2 credits 
Physical Education 148   Nutritional Aspects of Fitness and Sport   3 credits 
Physical Education 150  Motor Learning   3 credits 
Physical Education 151  Kinesiology  3 credits 
Physical Education 152  Exercise Physiology I  3 credits 
Physical Education 154  Adapted Physical Education I  3 credits 
Physical Education 156  Evaluation of Health, Fitness and Motor Behavior   3 credits 
Physical Education 190  Neuroscience   3 credits 

State-Mandated Training

Students must also complete the following non-credit workshops offered through the School of Continuing Studies or present proof of equivalent training elsewhere:

ALCX 702 Child Abuse Identification and Reporting
ALCX 703 Violence Prevention
ALCX 704 Fire Safety, Substance Abuse and Abduction Prevention
ALCX 705  Harassment/Bullying/CyberBullying/Discrimnation