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Program Requirements

Continued enrollment in this program is contingent upon:

  • Maintaining a 3.0 grade-point average
  • Satisfactory review by faculty at each stage of the program

TAL Academic Advisors review the transcripts of all new students seeking 1st initial certification for evidence of undergraduate or graduate study that fulfills the following NYS teacher certification requirements:

  • General education requirements, including study in artistic expression, communication, information retrieval, history and social sciences, humanities, language other than English, scientific processes, mathematical processes, and written analysis and expression.
  • Content area requirements, including a 30 credit concentration or major in one of the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Students will be advised of any additional coursework that they will need to complete before graduation to fulfill these requirements.


Fieldwork is required in almost all TAL courses. Students need to have at least one day a week available to be in a school placement during school hours.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is usually completed in the last semester of the program. It is a full-time experience that consists of all-day student teaching in selected partnership schools.

To be admitted to Student Teaching, multiple criteria include:

  • Passing score on LAST
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Interview with Director of School Relations & Field Experience and/or Program Coordinator

Students who have not passed the LAST do not student teach but may graduate from the Non-Certification Track.