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Teacher Resource Center

LIU Brooklyn’s Teacher Resource Center (TRC) is located at 9 Hanover Place on the 3rd Floor in the back area.  It serves pre- and in-service teachers by developing their capacity to create meaningful, inquiry-based curriculum and by providing training and mentoring as they continue to grow in their teaching practice. 

The Center is staffed Monday and Thursday all day and by appointment at other times during the week. The TRC is also accessible weekdays for students and teachers to drop in, browse available resources, use the computers, have a cup of tea or coffee, and meet with other members of the LIU community. Throughout the year the TRC offers regularly scheduled workshops serving the LIU community that address issues of curriculum and pedagogy.

For more information or to be added to the TRC mailing list, contact:

Shoshana Wolfe, TRC Director 

The Teacher Resource Center at LIU Brooklyn is funded through a generous grant from the Tietz Family Foundation.

2014 TRC Workshops

Descriptive Inquiry Study Group Teacher Resource Center Poetry for Teachers TRC@LIU Teachers Resource Centers at LIU Worskhops are held at the Learning Center for Educators and Families Tuesday, October 8 Tuesday, November 18 4:30 – 6pm Poetry to Spark Teaching and Learning Urban Educators Seminar Series Teacher Resource Center

Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution Teacher Resource Center

Differentation in the Elementary Classroom Teachers Resource Center @ LIU      

2013 TRC Workshops

LIU Brookyn TRC Poetry LIU Brooklyn TRC Smartboard Workshop LIU Brooklyn TRC Descriptive Inquiry LIU Brooklyn TRC Support Strategies
LIU Brooklyn Teacher Resource Center Teaching Writing in Elementary School Classrooms April 3 & April 17 2013

2012 Past TRC Workshops

TRC event event event