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Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Body Tuning

More often than not, the breakdown process starts way before we feel any symptoms.

Body Tuning: A consult 60 minute consult with one of our therapists on how to prevent dysfunctions and how to maximize your current physical health based on a full-body evaluation.

Do we not take the time to have our cars tuned up, our computers maintained, our bicycles checked? How many of us ever take the time to have our bodies checked and tuned up?

A yearly mechanical check up and tune up, is the way to better functioning. It may be the answer to your morning stiffness, your minor aches and pains, and your decreased comfort in performing certain physical activities. In the long term, it may be the only way to prevent mechanical breakdowns, which may occur without warning, may cause significant pain and may limit your physical function indefinitely.

If you’ve found yourself answering yes to any of the following, a Body Tuning may be your answer…

● Do you have any aches or pains?

● Do you wake up feeling stiff?

● Have you cut down on your exercise because “you are getting old” and can’t do as much anymore?

● Have you changed your exercise routine to accommodate new aches and/or other body limitations?


For questions about body tuning, or to schedule a body tuning session, please contact the Center for Physical Rehabilitation,
718-780-4531 or 718-780-4531.

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