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Our Services

 Our Services

Holistic, full body physical therapy evaluation and treatment

  • Consist of 30-45 minute one-to-one sessions focused on you and your goals towards physical wellness.

Manual Therapy

  • Utilization of hands-on techniques to mobilize restricted tissues (muscle, tendons, ligaments, nerve and joints) that may limit motion and functions in your body.
    • Examples: myofascial release, trigger point release, soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic massage, joint mobilizations/ manipulations, functional mobilizations.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  • Consists of rehabilitating your joints and restoring muscle flexibility and strength imbalances that may occur due to compensations or as a direct result of your injury.

Sports Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation is focused on the optimization of your body’s movement and mechanics that makes you most efficient in your game, recreational activity or sport.

Neurologic Rehabilitation

  • Integrated therapy individualized to your body’s needs that are focused on identifying specific limitations in function and facilitating neuromuscular responses through movement.

Aquatic Rehabilitation

  • Buoyant water environment decreases pressure and stress on joints and tissues allowing movement to occur in a supportive environment. See

Ergonomics and Workplace Health

  • A consult with one of our therapists to assess for correct workplace set-up relative to your body and function to ensure stress/strain to your body is minimized.

Not injured… preventative medicine is our forte. Ask us about our Body Tuning consultation service.

  • Body Tuning: A consult with one of our therapists on how to prevent dysfunctions and how to maximize your current physical health based on a full-body evaluation.