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Why Attend This Conference?

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We know you want compelling content quickly and more time to talk about it and make sense of it. And that’s what we offer!

It's content-rich!

Every session is crammed with valuable, practical information and insights (the Aha!s). There is no “fluff!” We know you want to get good value for your hard earned dollar, and we make sure that happens.

It is networking-Rich!

The conference format includes morning and mid-day structured networking to guarantee you a chance to meet everyone you want to meet. Then, of course, you can stay a bit and go to dinner at a local restaurant with a group “chaperoned” by a real New Yorker!

It is unique!

The conference is unique in its focus on promoting health leadership development to people not yet necessarily identified or self-identified as prospective public health leaders. What we do that’s different is to provide you with what may be the first forum in which you can recognize your leadership abilities. We demonstrate the myriad of leadership opportunities available now and in the fast-approaching future, encourage you to dare to take on those leadership roles, and give you a list of the training resources available locally.

It is inspirational as well as informative!

Throughout the day as you move from session to session, you’ll experience a number of exciting and energizing "Aha!s". Our opening speakers, Courageous Leader panelists, roundtable discussion facilitators, and afternoon workshop facilitators are remarkable women and men currently leading important health movements and initiatives...people whose passion, dedication, commitment, achievements, and audacity will touch, maybe shock, and surely inspire you…to dare to lead!

It is multi-faceted and dynamic!

There is so much to do – you can listen, think, network, relax, share, discuss, debate – whatever best fits your needs. There are keynote presentations, a chance to hear from and ask questions of this year’s panel of Courageous Leaders, network, and attend workshops. The vibrant Call to Action closing should leave you “chomping at the bit” and ready to move forward and do “your bit” as a leader role model, leader-to-be, or emerging leader.

Its local focus has global applications!

Though the conference highlights local issues and specifically promotes health leadership challenges in the Greater New York area, the information, insights, and inspiration have universal relevance and applicability. We have attracted – and warmly welcome - participants from other regions, states, and countries!

Attendees love it!

Participants love this conference. Over 20% come back regularly to learn more about leadership, get the support and encouragement they need to dare to lead, to meet new role model, to be inspired by new courageous leaders’ stories, and to see old friends and make new ones. People leave this conference, when they finally tear themselves away, smiling, hugging, and waving – in addition to having exchanged business cards. And, as promised when they come back, they bring colleagues, co-workers, and, best of all, their supervisors.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons user hobbesvsboyle.