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LeaderSHIFT Skillshop – Saturday, May 19

“Next Step” Workshop: “LeaderSHIFT Engineering SkillShop” (LESS)

Saturday, May 19
9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

By attending LESS, your Leadership Future won’t be what it might have been… it will be MORE!

Booker T. Washington said, “There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: pushing down or pulling up.”

The LESS session will show you how you go about shifting between a “Push Down Manager-Mode” and a “Pull Up Leader-Mode” to become a real leader at work – balancing the challenges of both managing and leading for results.

Are you ready/willing/able to make a leadershift? (When your leadership comes in – will you be all set to embark?)

Ask yourself:

  • On a scale from 0-100, how certain am I that I am willing to become/stay a leader? ____

If your answer was 99 or less, fill in the blank:
What stands between me and being certain that I am willing to be a leader is:

This Skillshop will help you look at and act on some of the issues you’ve raised.

Load the dice for your leadership success!

  • Discover the Leadershift Advantage and how to leverage it at work
  • Craft and practice deciphering your own Leadershift Equations – easy reminders of how to lead
  • Discover why leading is the ignored and neglected half of leadership
  • Learn how to
    -Keep the virtues of your management practices from becoming the nemesis of your leadership potentials
    -Avoid wasting half the effort you will put into leadership
    -Navigate the leadership labyrinth – find your way out of and cut through the leadership maze
  • Develop “shift to fit” practices, e.g.: EILNST Managers go S_ _ _ _ _, leaders L_ _ _ _ _
  • Expand your personal Leadership Reality Map – figure out what your enlarged perspective might enable you to do that was impossible using your old Reality Map
  • Acquire leadershift literacy – e.g., “out of sight out of mind” vs “blind idiot”
  • Learn 10 Rules and Realities of leadership (#1. When faced with realities, leaders change the rules)
  • Discover why people who think they’re leading really aren’t – and how to avoid that pitfall

This new half-day Skillshop is led by the ever-engaging, ever enlightening and ever-enRiching, Richard Gitlin, an organizational development specialist, featured in Inner Leader “Aha!” conferences since 2006.