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Inner Leader Conference - Friday, May 18


We offer this health leadership “Aha!” conference because we, the planning committee, believe that, by definition, community or public health practitioners are leaders or must eventually take on leadership roles to achieve health for all in healthy communities.

Leadership in the health field can and must happen on many levels – local, national, and global…and each one is as important as the next!

That we must take on a leadership role at some point and the realization of all the opportunities around us is, for many of us, our first “Aha!”

To lead, people need, first, more leadership mindset and skillset “Aha!s,” and then they need ideas about where to go for specific leadership training and experience.

The purpose of this conference, therefore, is to trigger a series of “Aha!s” that will inspire and mobilize public and community health practitioners to take on leadership roles in the future – particularly the near-future – at whatever level possible… project, committee, unit, campaign, agency/organization, and/or coalition level. We also help point out leadership opportunities, and we provide a list of follow up leadership training resources.


Come to this conference and discover…

  • What it really means to a leader and the decisions you need to make
  • The risks and rewards of daring to lead
  • The typical and surprising types of change community and public health leaders face
  • The challenges of leading through change
  • How local leaders have led through change to achieve their objectives
  • Leadership role models and mentors
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Leadership training resources

THIS YEAR’S THEME: Leading Through Change

This year, we have recruited a truly formidable group of leaders and role models to discussion with you what it takes to be a successful leader in the midst of change.

It’s one thing to lead when everything is stable…going on in a regular, successful way or even when things are copasetic…in excellent order. It’s quite another to lead in the midst of change…when something(s), some place, some systems, and/or some people are in the process of becoming something different.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons user badswan.