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Anatomy Laboratory

LIU Brooklyn Department of Physical Therapy Anatomy Lab

The human anatomy cadaver lab is located on the lower level of the pharmacy building. The facility is used primarily for the dissection of human cadavers. The physician assistant, physical therapy and occupational therapy students use the laboratory to master the study of human anatomy. The laboratory is equipped with models and books to enhance student learning. In addition, a camera system with two 70-inch screens has been installed to further student learning by enhancing visualization of detailed anatomical structures

Center for Physical Rehabilitation

LIU Brooklyn Department of Physical Therapy Center for Physical Rehabilitation The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, part of LIU Brooklyn, Department of Physical Therapy, is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a wide range of physical therapy services to the LIU Brooklyn community as well as to residents of the surrounding community.

Physical Therapy Research Lab

LIU Brooklyn Department of Physical Therapy Research LabThe Physical Therapy Research Lab is a 1,200 square-foot facility located on the 2nd floor of the Zeckendorf Health Sciences Center. It is used for research projects in the areas of:

• Clinical assessment of gait and other functional activities
• Reliability and validity of clinical instruments
• Health promotion and wellness
• Alternative therapies
• Motor control

Equipment List

LIU Brooklyn Department of Physical Therapy Equipment Acitheart and Actical Activity Monitors using accelerometer and heart rate monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors, Oscar 2

Astro-Med Strain Gauge Mode FT10E, Amplifier, Power Supply, Calibration Weights

Bicycle Ergometer

Cervical Range of Motion Device & Back Range of Motion Device

Empi Neuromuscular Stimulator

GAITRite System
The GAITRite system consists of an electronic walkway connected to a personal computer that automatically evaluates temporal spatial parameters of gait in real time. The GAITRite system also evaluates pressure on the foot during ambulation. It objectifies the ambulation patterns of patients and can be used in clinical and research applications

Handheld Dynamometer for measuring grip strength

PALM Device
For measuring static pelvic posture

Piezoelectric Tendon Tap Device

Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback Device


Health & Wellness Institute

The mission of the LIU Brooklyn Health & Wellness Institute is to provide activities that promote good health and that encourage wellness behaviors that reduce health disparities and improve the quality of life for members of the LIU Brooklyn community and the community at large. The Center offers a broad array of educational programs, therapeutic services and skill development initiatives that advance new approaches for the study and the delivery of health care.

As a member of the LIU Brooklyn community, or the surrounding community, we urge you to visit this site often and to take advantage of the Center’s programs and services. Check back frequently and make note of upcoming events. Your good health is your greatest asset. Let us help you stay well and fit!