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Urban Yoga Minor

The 12 credit minor is designed to introduce students to Yoga in the context of contemporary health and exercise science. The primary goal of the program is to combine the practical knowledge gained via long-term Yoga practice with the theoretical knowledge gained through the scientific study of the body itself and of interventions aimed at addressing its various preventable ailments. To this end, students will be encouraged and required to develop their own Yoga practices. Experiencing the effects of this practice first-hand will give students a unique perspective on the scientific and theoretical materials studied, with an emphasis on the Urban environment as a confluent locus for a diversity of cultural beliefs and practices. This experience will be of value to students in diverse fields of study, whether in preparation for careers in the health professions, or simply as a way of better understanding themselves.

Courses include:
SPS 112, Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga (two credits)
SPS 114, Intelligent Movement (1 credit)
SPS 119, Yoga Therapy (three credits)
SPS 123, Principles of Yoga (three credits)
SPS 163 Practicum (three credits)

Students should take SPS 112 before or concurrently with SPS 119 and SPS 123, followed by the Practicum, after or concurrently with the completion of all three.