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B.S. in Sports Sciences

Health Professional with StudentsThe 128-credit B.S. in Sports Sciences is designed to meet the growing need for health professionals versed in the science of exercise, physical activity and sport performance. Our four-year program focuses on such areas as exercise physiology, motor learning, conditioning for sport, nutrition, biomechanics, sports management and fitness programming for healthy and unhealthy populations, as well as those with disabilities. Our Exercise Physiology minor is accredited by the American Society of Exercise Physiologists and our program is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine.


The program in Sports Sciences offers several minors for students who are seeking to expand their knowledge and skills both in their field or in a field other than their major. Minors consisting of 12 credits each can be completed in the following areas:

Concentration in Sport Management 

The 21-credit concentration in Sport Management prepares students for entry-level positions within the sports and fitness industry and/or university-level athletic administration. The Sport Management concentration in collaboration with the School of Business provides students with knowledge and practical experience in sports marketing, sports management, business ethics, event planning, facility management, finance and public relations. Students may pursue a Business minor within the Sport Management concentration.

Students are encouraged to apply for a minor or concentration during their sophomore year. They must consult with their advisors to select courses and field experiences. Students who are not accepted or do not apply will follow the recommended Sports Sciences course of study with no minor or concentration.