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Foreign Language

Language classes at SCS are primarily conversational, while covering basic reading, writing and grammar. As you move from Beginner to Advanced, you will be able to articulate yourself and comprehend others as well as read notices and signage.

Mandarin Chinese

• Mandarin Beginner
• Mandarin Intermediate
• Mandarin Advanced


• Spanish Beginner
• Spanish Intermediate
• Spanish Advanced


• Italian Beginner
• Italian Intermediate
• Italian Advanced


• Arabic Beginner
• Arabic Intermediate
• Arabic Advanced


Instructors for all of SCS language classes are native speakers of the languages they teach. They hold masters degrees or doctoral degrees in either Applied Linguistics or Theoretical Linguistics

• Italian, Antonino Gulli, PhD
• Spanish, Aldo Mendoza, PhD and Edna Oliveros, MA
• Mandarin, Peter Yi

To see the course listings for the semester, please go to the Program Schedule.

To Apply to the Foreign Language Program

Please fill out the application form in Registration and submit.