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Building Construction Certificate Program Courses

BCCP 1001 Understanding the Building Construction Process

Students will gain an understanding of how a basic project team works. Defining roles and responsibilities, processes for design and construction and understanding how outside factors influence the process. Oversight success and safety will be covered during this unit. (30 hours)

BCCP 1002

This course focuses on the design process for a project. Students are taught how “Green Building” concepts are integrated into the building construction process. Describing the project team, how an idea takes shape physically and the various stages of design are covered. The course also covers considerations for budget schedule and client expectations, using actual industry examples. Documentation relating to bidding processes, submittals and approvals and project closeout are reviewed. (30 hours)

BCCP 1003

How contractors are hired, bidding, negotiating and qualifications based selection are reviewed. Spreadsheet fundamentals, bid clarifications and qualifications and various contract types are discussed during this course. The “do’s” and “don’ts” of the construction industry are discussed, featuring recent industry examples. Safety and quality monitoring procedures are also reviewed during this course. (30 hours)

BCCP 1004

In this course, students review a construction project, from bidding to construction. This course will examine typical situations encountered on a project and will address common pitfalls to avoid during a project. After completion of this unit, students will have a grasp of what it takes to complete a construction project. (30 hours)