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Mission Statement

Business Students

The School of Business, Public Administration, and Information Sciences at LIU Brooklyn is dedicated to advancing scholarship and preparing our diverse student population to meet the challenges of their future. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, we have been both tightly connected to and reflective of our community for almost 100 years, embracing LIU's overarching mission of access and excellence.

Our mission is to provide a transformational educational experience for our students based on the following principles:

Our programs are relevant. Our faculty maintains close ties to practice and are continually updating their skills to keep up with our students' needs. Our courses apply theory to practice and provide a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities.

  • We teach our students to be entrepreneurial – they learn to create value in society through creativity and innovation.
  • We believe in ethical professional practices and are committed to public and community service.
  • We believe that all students have value. We foster close ties between faculty and students through small class sizes and faculty availability.

By following these principles, we produce graduates with:

  • Marketable skills that lead to successful job placement and productive careers.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving abilities that make them into lifelong learners.
  • A commitment to ethics and civic responsibility that makes them solid global citizens.


In order to execute on our mission, we aspire to the following:

  • We will be a school of choice – our culture, faculty and programs will differentiate us from our competition so that students make a deliberate choice to enroll here.
  • We will act entrepreneurially to constantly re-evaluate our programs and curricula and seek opportunities to grow our enrollment and improve our brand.
  • We will be innovative and creative in order to design programs and pedagogy that are unique, relevant, and cutting edge.
  • We will teach our students to use the technology that they will need to succeed in today's workplace.
  • We will enhance traditional modes of course delivery with modern tools and techniques to improve meaning and effectiveness for our students.