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Computer Technology & Beyond

Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of the business world. Technological skills are significant differentiators in employment and recruitment. The Department of Technology, Innovation and Computer Science offers a number of one-credit courses in Windows environments, PowerPoint, word processing, Excel, digital imaging, Macromedia Flash, Web page design, databases and statistical packages for social sciences that help students to achieve competency in focused areas. All courses are offered in tri-semester format and at various proficiency levels.

The Computer Science one-credit courses were instituted to help students achieve academic success in all majors. The classes enable students to become proficient in various computer applications. Classes can be used to fulfill elective requirements and to help students pass the required computer literacy exam.

In a world where technical skills are a key component in virtually every area of expertise, students who take these classes will add marketable skills to strengthen their résumés. While there are numerous benefits to students in every major, courses such as enhancing digital photos, creating a wireless home networking system, and developing sounds and animation for the Web are designed to inspire students’ creativity as well.

To enroll for these courses, please follow the standard registration process at LIU Brooklyn. For inquiries, please consult with your academic advisor and/or contact the School of Business Advisement Office for more information.