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Department of Technology, Innovation and Computer Science

Computer Science StudentThe Department of Technology, Innovation and Computer Science at LIU Brooklyn offers bachelor’s degrees in computer science and technology management, and master’s degrees in computer science. Minors are offered in computer science, entrepreneurship, and technology. The computer science major is intended for students who have an interest in the theory and practice of computer science and information technology. This major provides graduates with an educational foundation that prepares them for careers in computer software or system design, including those as software engineers, system analysts, application software developers, system administrators, programmers, IT specialists, technical leads, technical managers, and other technology-oriented careers. The technology management major is more appropriate for students who are interested in the business side of technology and the management of IT projects. Careers as business analysts, technical project managers, and IT systems managers are plentiful for graduates from this program.

The Department’s primary goal is to instill sound analytical reasoning in the latest technologies in its students so that they have long, successful careers in fields that are continually evolving and that offer a broad array of professional opportunities.