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Grade Appeals Procedure

Grade AppealsThe School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences adheres to the LIU Brooklyn policy on grievance procedures as stated in the LIU Brooklyn Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins and to the Grievance Procedure and Arbitration section of the LIU and LIU Faculty Federation Agreement.

All student grade grievances must follow the grades appeal procedures outlined below.

  1. A student wishing to contest a grade must first discuss the grade with the instructor who gave the grade. Instructors are required to meet with a student during office hours or by appointment to discuss the grade.
  2. A student who is not satisfied after discussion of the grade in question with the instructor may take his/her grievance to the department chair/program director of the department offering the course. The department chair/program director is required to review the student grievance and to respond to the student in writing with the result of his/her review.
  3. A student who is not satisfied with the decision of the department chair/program director may take his/her grievance to the assistant dean of the School. The assistant dean will review the student grievance and will have a discussion with either the instructor or the chair of the department. The assistant dean will respond in writing to the student and a copy of the response will be placed in the student file.
  4. Students have a right to a timely review of their grievances.