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B.S. in Dance

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Dance degree program attracts many new dancers to LIU.  It is designed to meet the artistic and academic needs of students interested in pursuing professional dance careers, as well as those who want to work in complementary fields as arts instructors, movement therapists, arts administrators, and other related disciplines. 

The B.S. in Dance program emphasizes modern and post-modern dance techniques with ballet, dance history, and world dance styles.  The core B.S. in Dance includes:

  • Classic and Contemporary Modern Techniques
  • Ballet
  • World Dance 
  • Music for Dance 
  • Improvisation and Choreography
  • Dance History
  • Kinesiology for the Dancer

Requirements and Typical Program for the B.S. in Dance

Many majors choose to pair their Dance studies with various minors offered by the University.  These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Anthropology
    The study of world cultures almost invariably focuses on dance.  With this minor, students might expand their studies to prepare themselves for graduate research and travel. 
  • Business/Arts Administration
    Hands on management experience with a view towards arts administration and/or setting up and managing one’s own dance-related business.
  • Media Arts
    Students will learn the tools of the world of computer graphics, digital design, animation, film/TV/video production, video journalism and/or photography and apply them to dance.  They will also have the opportunity to study digitally designed choreography programs and experiment with their own designs.
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
    The B.S. in Dance prepares students who successfully complete the program to apply for graduate studies in Physical Therapy.  Students must complete the Dance Department requirements as well as the requirements as defined by the Physical Therapy Program at LIU to be eligible to apply to that graduate program.
  • Theater
    There is a natural connection between dance and theater.  Students who would like to apply their dance training to theater performance, choreography and/or directing may do so in this specially designed minor. 

Finally, every Dance major is strongly encouraged to take advantage of performance opportunities on campus throughout the academic year.  The Department sponsors annual Winter and Spring concerts, and a monthly showcase of works-in-progress known as the Rising Artists Workshop (RAWorkshop) Series. 

Taken as a whole, the B.S. in Dance program offers an excellent foundation for students interested in work within the professional dance work or in related and complementary fields.

Download an example of a typical B.S. in Dance student’s program.