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Course of Study

Sociology AnthropologyThis joint degree program requires 128 credits. In addition to the general college requirements, at least 30 credits must be completed in the department. Required classes include two introductory courses, at least five electives (sociology-anthropology courses numbered over 100) that can be taken in any order and three required fundamentals courses specific to the major. The three required courses (in which students must earn a C or better) are Social Science Methods (SOC 111), Sociological or Anthropological Theory (SOC 116 or ANT 117) and Ethnography (ANT 137). Students can concentrate in anthropology or sociology if they so choose. Most majors take many more than the minimum required courses, and many combine sociology-anthropology with other fields of study in a double major.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

While working on completing their Core Curriculum courses, students interested in sociology and anthropology should begin by taking at least two of the three introductory courses: Soc 3 (Introduction to Sociology), Ant 4 (Introduction to Physical Anthropology) and/or Ant 5 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology).

As they progress in the major, students will take three required core courses in the major: Soc 111 (offered every Fall), Soc 116 (offered every Spring) or Ant 117 (offered every semester), and ANT 137 (offered every Spring).

Sociology and anthropology courses numbered above 100 (“electives in the major”) other than the three core courses in the major can be taken in any order. Most students take more than these five minimum required for the major.

Faculty members in the department are available to work with students on independent projects. Study abroad is encouraged and facilitated whenever possible.