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Soc-AnthEvery student graduating from the department receives a joint sociology-anthropology degree. Students who wish to concentrate in anthropology should seek out classes with the anthropologists on the faculty, take Ant 117 instead of or in addition to Soc 116 and ask to have their concentration listed on their transcript.

Almost all departmental electives are cross-listed as both SOC and ANT. Students may register for either section; these sections apply equally toward a degree in the major.

Department faculty helped to develop the minor programs in Africana studies, Asian studies, Latin American and Carribbean Studies and Gender Studies, and they regularly teach in these programs.

Course Clusters in Sociology/Anthropology

Sociology-anthropology majors and majors in other departments should be aware that some courses in the department cluster around several themes.

World Cultures and Societies

Sociology/Anthropology 133 – African Cultures and Societies
Sociology/Anthropology 134 – East Asian Cultures and Societies
Sociology/Anthropology 136 - South Asian Cultures and Societies
Sociology/Anthropology 135 – Caribbean and Latin American Cultures and Societies
Sociology/Anthropology 142 – Native Americans Before Columbus
Sociology/Anthropology 143 – Native Americans Today
Sociology/Anthropology 153 – Islamic Societies
Sociology/Anthropology 173 – African Civilizations

Religious Studies

Sociology/Anthropology 105 – Religion and Society
Sociology/Anthropology 109 – Social Movements
Sociology/Anthropology 132 – Anthropology/Sociology of the Bible
Sociology/Anthropology 149 – Shamanism and Witchcraft

Family Studies

Sociology/Anthropology 108 – Youth
Sociology/Anthropology 119 – Marriage and Family
Sociology/Anthropology 126 – Culture, Gender and Society
Sociology/Anthropology 130 – Socialization: The Self and Society

Graduate Study

The department is registered with the State of New York to confer M.A. degrees in both anthropology and sociology. Neither program is active at the present time, but they may be in the future. Department faculty members do offer courses in other graduate programs though and are happy to work with graduate students when the opportunity arises.