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Research Experience Credit (Participant Pool)

The Department of Psychology administers the Psychology Experience Credits (PEC) program. The PEC program involves students enrolled in Psychology courses. Students enrolled in Introductory Psychology (Psy.3) are required to participate in the PEC program. As part of their course requirements, students are expected to earn a minimum of SIX (6) Psychology Experience Credits (PECs).

Students may earn the necessary PECs by participating in a research project and/or completing journal article summaries. The number of PEC students can earn varies by research projects and length of journal articles. Students can complete all 6 PECs by doing a combination of research project and journal articles or by completing only research projects (earning 6 PECs) or journal articles (6 PECs worth):

  1. Psychology Research Project: Participation in an IRB-approved research project(s) under the supervision of Psychology Department faculty. Research studies may have specific eligibility criteria so be sure to read who is eligible to participate. Students can earn .5 to 6 PECs depending on the research study.
  2. Psychology Journal Article: Identify, read and write a summary of an article published within the past year in a psychology journal available from the library. Please read and follow the instructions carefully. The length of the summary determines how many PECs it is worth. Please hand this in to your instructor.

Students who have not completed the PEC program requirement will have their grade reduced ONE FULL LETTER GRADE.

To learn more about both options, see: The Introductory Psychology Handout.

For additional information about the online sign-up system, see: The Sona Student Manual.