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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for the application?
The absolute deadline is January 5, although we encourage submission by December 1 when we will begin reviewing applications.

Where can I find the application?
The online application can be found at:

Do I need to take the GRE?

Do I need to take the Psychology GRE?
Yes. For more information on that test: GRE Psychology Subject Test Information.

What is the GRE code for LIU?

Are there prerequisite undergraduate courses?
Before entering the program, students must have taken 15 credits in psychology including or in addition to courses in statistics and experimental psychology.

What is the average length of the program?
The majority of students complete the program in six years. Five years is the minimum time to completion and about a quarter of students graduate in that amount of time.

What is the program's training model?
The program's training model is that of scholar-practitioner. We aspire to provide students with a firm grounding in psychological research, design and methodology, while facilitating clinical growth from the very first year of the program.

What is the theoretical orientation of the program?
Our program is centered on psychodynamic psychology which includes psychodynamic approaches to therapy as well as psychodynamic approaches to personality. Students are also well grounded in psychotherapy research and evidence based practice.

What is the accreditation status of the program?
The program was granted full and 7-year approval (max term allowed) by the APA Committee on Accreditation in 2007. The next APA site visit is scheduled for 2014.

Where do students receive their clinical training?
First-year students are placed at externship sites around New York City where they receive supervision and training with a variety of populations. Second-year students serve as the psychotherapists at LIU's Psychological Services Center. Each student benefits from two supervisors, one LIU faculty member and one clinical psychologist in his/her private office in New York City. Third and fourth year students attend clinical externship sites around the city. Additionally, third and fourth year students are increasingly continuing to treat patients seen at LIU's Psychological Services Center, under supervision, allowing for the unique opportunity of long-term treatment during these formative training years.

If admitted, will I receive funding?
Financial aid is available to students entering the program on a regular basis. This aid is typically given in the form of a half tuition remission research assistantship which has a small stipend of no less than $1,250 per year. There are also three full tuition remission Minority Fellowships which include a minimum stipend of $3,500 available for aspiring Minority Scholars. In the second and third years of training Ph.D. students are eligible to teach undergraduate courses as Teaching Fellows. These positions earn the student a $2,400 stipend and three credits of tuition remission. In future years some entering students may receive only one-quarter remission research assistantships due to budgetary constraints. All students should submit financial aid forms at the same time that they are applying for admission to the program. Questions about funding for International students should be directed to the Program Director, Nicholas Papouchis, Ph.D., ABPP, at 718-488-1164, All students applying should complete the FAFSA form, the LIU Federal School Code is 002751.

When will you be inviting students for interviews?
Typically, students are invited for interviews during the last Saturday in January and the first Saturday in February. Sabbath observers and other students unable to attend Saturday interviews will be interviewed during the week at mutually convenient times. Admitted applicants are informed approximately the end of February or early March.

Do students regularly attend APA-accredited internships?
95% of our students are admitted to APA-accredited internships on their first application attempt. For a complete list of those internship sites: click to clinical internships on this website.

Are there minimum GPA/GRE scores required for application?
1. combined verbal and quantitative GRE scores of 302 (new system) or 1100 (old system);
2. an undergraduate GPA of 3.2;
3. a psychology GPA of 3.4;
4. a minimum score of 550 on the psychology GRE
Applicants should note that the scores above are minimum scores and that the average combined GRE scores for admitted applicants have been 1250 over the last 7 years.

What is the course of study?
Click to course of study on this website.