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Mathematics tutors for the mathematics workshops (Lab), the Tutoring Center and the Mathematics Center were interviewed and tested through an oral exam based upon the placement test for the students at the Brooklyn Campus.

1. Individual and group tutoring

Mathematics tutoring is held at the Mathematics Center located on the 11th floor of the Metcalfe building. Both individual and group tutoring are offered.

2. In-class tutoring

The courses DSM 01 and DSM 09 require that the students participate in a two-hour, per-week workshop during which they are provided with materials to practice what was taught in class. To guarantee student success, in-class tutors assist the professors of the workshops, providing the students with individualized help.

3. Language Accessible Mathematics

Tutoring is offered in a diverse array of languages at the Mathematics Center including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, French, Creole etc. These services are provided by appointment only.

4. Special tutoring

The director of the Mathematics Center offers special individualized tutoring to students with learning disabilities. These special tutoring sessions are conducted at the Mathematics Center.