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Check-In, Check-Out Procedures


In your first laboratory meeting you will be checking into the lab. This means that you will be issued a locker that contains all glassware/equipment necessary for performing the laboratory experiments for the semester. You will be issued the following items:

  • Student Requisition Card
  • Combination Tag
  • Locker Equipment List
  • Safety Sheet
  • Other relevant handouts

Requisition Card: You will be issued a student requisition card (yellow, blue, white or pink). Please fill this card out completely. Include name, student number, course title, section, locker number and locker combination. This card MUST be returned to the stock room and will be used for recording any breakage or loss incurred in the lab. The BACK of this card will be used for this purpose, so DON'T WRITE ANYTHING ON THE BACK.

Combination Tag: This tag contains the locker number and the lock combination. The three-number combination sequence is to be dialed RIGHT/LEFT/RIGHT. See your instructor or T. A. if you have trouble opening the lock.

Equipment List: This is a list of the locker contents. You should read the list and compare it against the actual contents of your locker. If you do not find an item or it is damaged or broken, indicate this on the BACK of this sheet. The stock room will replace these items on receipt of the sheet when you have completed the check-in procedure.


You are required to check out on the scheduled check-out day at the last lab meeting. (In the event that you drop the course or have to terminate for any other reason; contact your instructor and T.A. to check-out at that time.) You will be asked to check the locker contents for completeness, intactness, and cleanliness of the equipment. Go to the stock-room to get replacements for damaged or broken equipment. You must wash the glassware – when completed contact your T.A. or instructor, who will check the locker equipment.

The charges will be recorded on the back of the Student Requisition Card. You will be billed for any replaced equipment by the Bursar's Office at the end of the semester.

Anyone who has not checked-out and has a locker containing dirty equipment will be charged a breakage fee by the stock room:

Organic Chemistry - $150
All Other Courses - $50