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Chemical Inventory

In order to ensure that the Division is operated safely and remains in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, it is ESSENTIAL, that a current, up-to-date inventory of chemicals is maintained in each room.

Such an inventory must include:

  • Chemical Name
  • CAS Number
  • Vendor
  • Size
  • Date Received
  • Expiration (if applicable)
  • Information on Known Hazards

Each laboratory in the Division now contains a binder that includes the inventory for that room and the MSD sheets for all chemicals in that inventory.

This inventory is updated at the end of each semester. In order to ensure its accuracy, you must keep the inventory binder in your lab continually updated!

Below, you may download the instruction sheet for maintaining the inventory binder, extra sheets for entering new chemicals, and reagent bottle labels.

FDNY Lab Regulations