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B.S. in Biochemistry

B.S. in BiochemistryThe 128-credit B.S in Biochemistry is designed to focus on the important interface between biology and chemistry. The degree emphasizes advanced experimental and theoretical education in both the biological and chemical sciences, which serves as a foundation for a variety of career paths, including further training in biology, chemistry or biochemistry; molecular biology; and medical or dental school.

Biochemistry majors are encouraged to develop specific career objectives while pursuing undergraduate studies. Departmental advisers will assist students in exploring career possibilities and in devising a personalized plan of study that will best prepare them for their career goals.

About the Field of Study

Developments and discoveries in the fields of biochemistry have had an enormous impact on our society. Majoring in chemistry or biochemistry prepares one for a number of challenging and rewarding career opportunities in areas such as: the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, forensic science, environmental science, metallurgy, plastics, engineering, electronics and biotechnology.