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Graduate Fellowships

Graduate FellowshipsFull-time graduate students who take nine or more credits for a semester and who are in good academic standing are eligible to receive fellowship awards in exchange for service provided to the Department.

Award of a Graduate Fellowship is contingent upon filing the United States Department of Education Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

There are two types of awards:

1) Teaching Assistantship

  1. Duties: Assist faculty members in the running of laboratory sessions and assist in the grading of student reports in these sections.
  2. Award: Full tuition remission and a monthly stipend.

2) Graduate Assistantship

  1. Duties: Perform clerical or laboratory preparation duties as required.
  2. Award: Full tuition remission and a monthly stipend.


  1. Incoming Students: Apply to the department when initially applying to the program.
  2. Continuing Students: Apply to the department at least six weeks before the start of a semester. Continuing students who have not previously held a graduate award within the department should bring a current curriculum vitae.


All students will be notified of acceptance at the earliest possible date. in order to receive a graduate fellowship, a student must sign a contract with the graduate dean, Maria Vogelstein, upon acceptance. Meetings with the graduate dean are by appointment and all students must bring the following items with them for the meeting:

  1. Proof of completed FAFSA form (SAR form)
  2. Proof of registration for the upcoming semester
  3. Signed contract

International students also must provide a proof of visa and an employment verification form, which can be obtained from the Office of International Students.