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Why Major or Minor in Philosophy?

Students who major or minor in philosophy acquire skills that make them very attractive to potential employers and graduate schools. By majoring or minoring in philosophy, students learn to reason effectively, to view problems from multiple perspectives and to argue persuasively. Although many philosophy majors and minors enter law school, medical school and graduate school after graduation, a good number enter the workforce directly as well. The undergraduate education that philosophy students receive will serve them well in any field.
If you like to think about "big questions" such as the nature of reality, whether God exists, human nature, what makes something beautiful, the workings of the mind and similar topics, being a philosopher will not only be a rewarding experience, it will be an interesting one as well. You will connect with a small but bright, dedicated group of fellow students and will be invited to philosophy lectures, films and events. And when it is time for you to make decisions about your post-graduation future, our dedicated faculty and staff members will guide and support you.