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Program Model

Program Model - Gender Studies Concentration

Proficiency and Skills Courses  4-25 credits
Core Curriculum  43-69 credits
Gender Studies Curriculum  30 + credits
Gender Studies Required courses  15 credits 
Gender Studies Electives  15 credits 
Ancillary Requirements  12 credits 

Gender Studies Concentration Required Courses

Women in Culture and Society (HUM 101) 3 credits
Theories of Feminism (HUM 102) 3 credits
Cross Cultural Perspectives on Gender
And Sexuality (HUM 103)
3 credits
Gender and Knowledge (HUM 104) 3 credits 
Field Work Experience (HUM 199)  3 credits 


Required Ancillary Courses (over 100) 12 credits
One from Art, Music, Dance,
Theatre/Speech, Journalism, or Media Arts
3 credits
One from English or Philosophy 3 credits
Once from Sociology, Anthropology,
Political Science, Economics or Psychology
3 credits 
One from Science, Health Science, Nursing   3 credits