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B.A. in Humanities with Concentration in Gender Studies

The Gender Studies program is designed to have practical and vocational application. It provides a unique education to students who wish to increase their career prospects in the 21st century as would-be educators, artists, writers, leaders, Innovators, and challengers of oppression. By participating in the program's fieldwork experience course, students are encouraged to explore the crucial relationship between idealism and activism, between theory and social change, between analysis and praxis.

The structure of the program curriculum is interdisciplinary. The core is based on a foundation of gender and feminist theory courses. Each student, in consultation with a faculty advisor, is able to design a concentration of study, appropriate to his/her own interests (media, performance, policy, etc), which draws on expertise from a wide spectrum of subject areas and perspectives. Courses are offered and taught by a wide variety of departments within the liberal arts and sciences.