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English 14 Exit Exam

All students in English 14 must pass a departmental exit exam in order to move on to English 16, the first-year composition course. Administered near the end of the semester, the exam is designed to test skills in focus and thesis development; content and support; reading comprehension and interpretation; structure and organization; and grammar, mechanics and vocabulary.

One or two short readings will be distributed by the instructor for the student to read ahead of time, and another reading will be distributed on the day of the exam. The student is given about two hours to write a response, in which the student is asked to summarize the issue raised by the readings and take a position on that issue, using the readings and personal experience as support. To ensure consistency and impartiality, the exam is graded by two or three English 14 faculty members besides the student’s instructor. If the student fails the exam and is asked to repeat the course, the student or the student’s instructor may appeal the decision by presenting the student’s final portfolio to the directors of the program as evidence of readiness to engage in the work required in English 16.