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Brooklyn Paramount was founded in 2011 by the MFA program in creative writing. The magazine is devoted to work by students in the program, alumni of the program, visiting writers and core faculty. As of summer 2012, there have been two issues. The first issue was edited by Lewis Warsh; the 2nd issue by Sarah Wallen and Lisa Rogal (students in the program). Each copy of each of these first two issues is hand bound by book artist Sarah Wallen. Contributors to the first two issues include Stephanie Gray, Jamey Jones, Uche Nduka, Willie Perdomo, Nel del Guidici, Daniel Owen, Mike Grove, Anne Waldman, Wang Ping, Wendi Williams, Barbara Henning, Ron Padgett, Tamara Lebron, Christine Gans, Mary Walker, Tejan Green, Bob Holman, Elizabeth Willis, Tony Iantosca, Charles Thorne, Patia Braithwaite, Gulay Isik and many others. The third issue will appear spring 2013. The editors will send out a deadline announcement for submissions during summer 2012.

Downtown Brooklyn  is the literary magazine of the English Department at LIU Brooklyn. The magazine showcases a wide variety of work (in traditional forms as well as more experimental styles) by undergraduates; graduate students; alumni; current and former faculty; and administrative, clerical and other staff from across the Campus—not only from English. One issue has appeared every year since 1992.

Word’s Worth  is a twice-yearly newsletter for and about students and alumni of the English Department’s graduate programs.

Please visit The Longest Island (the English Department’s blog) for further information about the MFA and the other programs and activities of the Department.