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Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing

Downtown Brooklyn: a Journal of WritingThe university environment exposes us to a variety of personalities and ideas, but on a commuter campus, it's easy to feel alienated from each other and from the overall campus culture. It's difficult to take advantage of what your campus has to offer if you always have to rush straight to the subway after class. It's hard enough just to get to class on time, let alone find out that the person next to you in the elevator is a great writer. But who knows? The person sitting behind you in class might be your future favorite novelist or the next [insert name of favorite poet]. If you aren't tuned in to what other people are doing on campus, you're really missing out.

Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing (ISSN 1536-8475) was founded in 1992 to showcase poetry and literary prose by writers at LIU Brooklyn. We feature a wide variety of work in traditional forms as well as more experimental styles. We have published the work of undergraduates and graduate students; full-time and adjunct faculty members; and administrative, clerical and other staff from across the Campus. Our aesthetic is eclectic. Our mission is to promote not any particular style but all the different kinds of writing being created on campus.

Copies of the most recent issue are available in the English Department. Full sets of back issues are available in the periodicals collection of Salena Library at LIU Brooklyn and in the Little Magazine Collection at the University of Wisconsin (Madison).

Watch the English Department blog (The Longest Island) for the next call for submissions and for news about the publication of each new issue.


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Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions September 1 through February 1 from students, faculty, and staff at LIU Brooklyn. This includes alumni, as well as persons formerly employed in any capacity at LIU Brooklyn. Submissions are also welcome from Visiting Writers who have taught in the English Department’s Creative Writing MFA Program and from writers who have presented their work in the Voices of the Rainbow Reading Series, which is sponsored by the English Department.

We accept submissions of poetry and/or fiction in a wide variety of forms, from the traditional to the more experimental. Our mission is not to promote any particular style but simply to showcase the best writing being created by members of the campus community.

Save your entire submission as one Word document (not a separate file for each piece) and e-mail that document as an attachment to The first page of your document should be a cover page with your name as you’d like it to appear should your work be accepted, your e-mail address, and a short bio statement.

In your bio statement, describe how you are connected to LIU Brooklyn. Are you a student? Please indicate whether you are undergrad or grad, what your major or degree program is, and when you will graduate. (We want your bio to be accurate at the time of publication, which will be September 2014.) Are you an alum? Tell us what your major was and what degree you earned, as well as the year you graduated.

Are you faculty or former faculty? Tell us your department, what your title is or was and what you teach or taught. Are you a staff member or former staff member? Tell us your title and what kind of work you do
or did at LIU Brooklyn. Please feel free to mention any recent publications, productions, or performances of your work. See the bio notes in this issue for models.

You will receive confirmation by e-mail that we have received your work, and we will then notify as to acceptance ASAP.