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B.A. in English (General Information)

Student in ClassroomThe 128-credit B.A. in English offers students the opportunity to concentrate in:

   •  Creative Writing
   •  Literature
   •  Writing & Rhetoric

All English majors gain a breadth of knowledge of English literary traditions, including American and Anglophone literatures around the world. In the Creative Writing concentration, students develop their abilities to express themselves imaginatively in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Students concentrating in Writing & Rhetoric hone their skills in writing clearly and persuasively for any audience or purpose. In all three programs, students gain an extensive knowledge of literature, a sense of the scope of English studies, and familiarity with important issues in their fields of concentration. All three programs require the completion of 33 credits in English courses numbered 100 or above.

For more information, contact the English Department's undergraduate advisor, Wayne Berninger

Why Major in English?

Today’s professional must interpret and manipulate complex information, so employers are attracted to job candidates who read carefully, think creatively, and write clearly and persuasively. English majors have a distinct advantage. We believe the English major program at LIU Brooklyn helps students build a strong foundation for success in advertising, business, education, journalism, law, politics, and a wide range of other careers...Read more.

The English Minor

The English Department welcomes majors from other departments across the Campus who wish to minor in English as a way to supplement their academic specialties with advanced skills in textual analysis, writing and rhetoric. A minor allows you to pursue interests outside your major field and demonstrates the diversity of your skills to future employers and/or graduate programs. A minor consists of four English courses numbered 100 or above. For more information about the English minor, click here.

Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing

Creative writers from any of the concentrations have the opportunity to submit their work to the English Department’s literary magazine, Downtown Brooklyn.